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Show: SG-1
Rec Category: Team
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Teal'c
Categories: Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Early Team
Author's Journal: [personal profile] sg1jb 
Why This Must Be Read: A classic early team story where someone is hurt and lost and the earnest Captain, the cranky Colonel, and the somewhat confused Jaffa come together to rescue him. Yes, it's the one with the ducks.

He made it most of the way onto his back after a brief but exhausting fight, but his legs were too tired and heavy to come up well enough for him to stay there long. And he simply wasn't fit to put much more effort into the fight. His injured leg just hung there, too heavy to use, stabs of pain shooting from his thigh up into his groin and down to his ankle with each attempt to move it. The weight dragged him down, pulling uncomfortably at his hip, and Daniel knew if he was to get any use out of that leg at all, he'd somehow have to get that damned boot off.

Yeah, sure. And alien duck-things could speak English. It was a pipe dream.

Quack, quack!



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