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Show: SG1
Rec Category: 5 Things
Characters: Danielle Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Janet Fraiser.
Categories: Gen
Warnings: Major character death
Author on DW/LJ: [personal profile] ivorygates 
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Five Ways Danielle Jackson Met The Others If There Was No Stargate Program on AO3
Why This Must Be Read: This is written in an AU verse [personal profile] ivorygates called the "Dani-verse" in which Danielle Jackson's always been a woman. It's five interesting and different takes on how things might have gone with no Stargate Program - to some degree 5 AUs within the overarching Daniverse AU. Yes, a couple of them are somewhat grim, but they're all really beautifully written, as Dani meets in turn, Sam, Jack, Cam, Teal'c and Janet. I enjoyed them a lot, Dani's nicely sarcastic and snarky, and as [personal profile] ivorygates says, Dani and Janet together are love. 

It was a big black box-van, and the driver was stopping. Great, there's probably only one serial killer in Texas, and he's found me.

The driver leaned out the window and looked down at her car. Blue-eyed and All-American; she distrusted him immediately. "Looks like you've got a little car trouble there," he said.

"Oh my god," she said mockingly, feigning shock. "I thought this was the scenic overlook."
Oh for god's sake, Danielle, do not piss off the nice Samaritan-slash-serial killer... But all he did was smile.

"I guess it is a little warm out here this time of day if you aren't used to it. Hop in. I'll run you up to Steve's. He'll come out and take a look."

"Is there some reason you don't want to do it yourself?" she snapped.

"I might have a little problem with that," he said easily, and the smile didn't waver, but he raised his eyebrows just a bit, and she'd taken a second look at the van and seen the handicapped plates.

"Sorry. I'm--"
Yes, it's National Make Fun of the Handicapped Week and you've been elected Grand Marshal. "I didn't--"

"Couldn't know," he said. "Cam Mitchell."

"Dani," she said. "Jackson."


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